Our Inspiration

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Our Vision

To leave the world a better place.

Our Mission

Von Bargen’s Jewelry enhances, through the thoughtful and reflective practice of our business, the lives of our employees and clients, and the communities and world in which we live.

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1. Employees – Attract and cultivate employees who strive to be contributing members of the Von Bargen’s family, who believe in and are committed to the Von Bargen’s mission and who are equally in touch with and committed to the achievement of their own dreams.

2. Customers – Attract and sustain best clients by providing a shopping experience which exceeds their expectations, recognizes the importance of their occasions and culminates in a luxury product which they can live in and live with.

3. Communities – Enhance our communities through our local commitment and involvement.

4. World – Make it our (goal) on-going priority that our business enhance rather than hinder the communities and environments which it impacts.

We are available for any question you may have. Give us a call at the number bellow or leave us a message via the Live Chat.

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