Our Pricing Policy

Shop with Confidence

It’s our goal to provide our clients with the finest diamonds and artisan jewelry at the most competitive prices. With our Price Match Promise, you can shop with confidence at Von Bargen’s Jewelry.

It’s simple. Find it for less and we’ll beat the price. See our price match policy for more details.

About Our Pricing Policy

At Von Bargen’s Jewelry we offer a fair price on our diamonds, artisan jewelry and services. We engage in a same price for everyone policy and do not constantly fluctuate our pricing to offer items on “Sale”. We don’t mark up our jewelry only to mark it down to give the illusion of a big sale or “deal”. We keep our pricing consistent and fair all year long.

Do You Discount?

We can appreciate your position to ask. Many jewelry stores do. Haggling is just not in the Von Bargen’s Jewelry DNA. We’re confident that if you do your research, you’ll find that our consistent fair pricing coupled with our programs and price match promise will give you the very best value. Constantly having sales or adjusting pricing leaves you the customer always wondering, what price is real or did I get the best deal?

Do You Ever Reduce Prices?

Yes, but only under specific circumstances, for example:

  • When we’re moving out of a collection or certain designer and we have only a couple items of that designer left, we may reduce the price to clear out those remaining pieces. This allows us to manage our current collections more effectively.
  • Purchasing is forecasting and like the weather folks we don’t always get it right. Sometimes we’ll have made a purchasing oversight and have excess inventory of a certain product. These products may be found at a reduced price at our annual sale. Call our toll free number 1-800-841-8820 to learn more.
  • In some instances, we’ve made special arrangements with local businesses in an effort to increase our awareness. Those organizations market our products and services within their organization and in return, their employees may receive a special accommodation on specific items. Check with your company to see if Von Bargen’s Jewelry has such an arrangement.
  • Designer Trunk Shows may have a special offering. It’s best to attend these events to learn more about the specials or call the individual store having the event to find out the details.

Are gift vouchers the same as gift certificates?

No, usually we donate vouchers to help local organization raise funds for a good cause.  Vouchers expire and can have limitations on usage (for example but not limited to: Services, Specials, Sales, Events, Estate Pieces).  We reserve the right to refuse a voucher if we feel it’s being used inappropriately.  Gift vouchers are non-transferable.