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A beautiful design does not add anything to the gem, but rather reveals the beauty it already possesses. A beautiful piece of jewelry does not add to the wearer; instead it unveils a true identity, one that we immediately recognize as we gaze in the mirror.

Pat Flynn

Combining forged steel with diamonds, gold and platinum, Pat Flynn has gone beyond the predictable goldsmithing techniques, pushing the envelope of jewelry design into a realm all its own.

Sethi Couture

Sethi Couture is defined by the philosophy of elevating everyday life.

Yannis Sergakis

You can personalize your Sigma bracelet by adding individual pieces of your choice; just easily open the clasp, add the elements of your choice, and build your custom-made diamond bracelet with infinite compositions.


Each piece is a wearable form of art, uniquely designed and created by hand with perfect execution, using the finest metals and gemstones. By choosing a piece from Von Bargen’s, you join us in our passionate commitment to make the world a more beautiful place.

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