Our Guarantee

Von Bargen’s Lifetime Guarantee

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to providing only the finest quality jewelry and diamonds available. We stand behind our product and back that up with unprecedented customer service.

Every purchase you make with Von Bargens is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, at no charge, for as long as you own it:

Maintenance & Workmanship
Each piece of Von Bargens jewelry is backed by a full Lifetime Warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Von Bargens Jewelry will repair or replace, at our discretion, any piece of jewelry that is determined to be defective in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner.

Legacy Diamond Upgrade
Upgrading a diamond that your previously purchased from Von Bargen’s is possible, contact one of our stores for more information.

Unlimited Cleaning & Inspection
Enjoy unlimited cleanings and inspections for the lifetime of your jewelry purchased at Von Bargens.

Von Bargen’s Extended Warranties

To further ensure the lasting beauty and value of your Von Bargen’s Jewelry, we are pleased to offer a complimentary 1-year Warranty.

Extended Warranty Options are available at a nominal cost, covering a variety of additional services. Our 5-year peace of mind plan is a great option to secure all your repair and warranty work at Von Bargen’s Jewelry. Please contact us for a complete list of the services covered by the various Warranties in detail.

Extended Warranty FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about our extended warranty program.

Q:If a piece of jewelry is of high-quality, why would I need an additional Warranty?
A: Jewelry that is cherished and worn regularly undergoes a variety of normal wear and tear during its lifetime. While proper care and regular cleaning and inspection will help ensure your jewelrys lasting beauty, some items will inevitably need at least some routine maintenance over the years. Our Extended Warranties are an excellent value that will minimize or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses associated with the most common maintenance and services that may be needed during its lifetime.

Q: Can I purchase a Warranty on a piece of jewelry I purchased previously?
A: Yes, if the piece is less than 1 year old. If the piece is more than 1 year old, a Warranty can still be purchased, but an updated appraisal will be required. Warranty purchases for previously purchased jewelry need to be transacted over the phone, or in-person and any of our 4 locations.

Q: Will I still need insurance on my jewelry if I have the Extended Warranty?
A: We strongly recommend that you insure all your fine jewelry. Our Warranties do not cover loss or theft. Contact your insurance agent to inquire about additional coverage for your jewelry.

Q: How often should I renew the appraisal on a piece of jewelry?
A: You should obtain a new appraisal at least every 5 years or anytime you switch insurance carriers to ensure that your jewelry is adequately covered. It’s best to discuss appraisals with your insurance agent, insurance policies vary from company to company.

Q: I have a Von Bargens ring I have owned for more than 10 years. Should I have it Reconditioned and Refurbished as part of routine maintenance at this time?
A: It depends on the condition of the individual item and the care it has been given. We would be happy to give your piece a complimentary cleaning and inspection at any of our 4 locations and can recommend the need for additional maintenance, if any, at that time.

Q: How often can a ring be re-sized?
A: The proper resizing of a ring by a qualified jeweler has no effect on the rings longevity, structural integrity or quality. It can be done as often as is needed.

Q: How often should a strand of pearls be re-strung?
A: It depends upon how often you wear them. If you wear them weekly, it they should be re-strung every couple of years. If you wear them once a month or so, then every three to four years would be adequate.