Von Bargen’s Loyalty Program

At Von Bargen’s, we have a “Fair Price for Everyone” policy. This means that we price our jewelry as competitively as possible from the start to ensure that you receive a fair value on the finest diamonds & artisan jewelry.

We also value and appreciate YOU, our loyal clients who continue to support our family business. We have always been committed to honoring and deserving your loyalty by: providing a shopping experience that exceeds your expectations, recognizing the importance of your occasions, and creating and curating the most distinctive collection of diamonds and artisan jewelry.

Now, we have one more way to show you how much we appreciate your choosing us for your important jewelry selections:  Our Loyalty Program.

The Loyalty Program is simple. For most every jewelry purchase you make at our store or online, you will receive 3% of the purchase price as store credit that can be used on any future purchase, anytime at any of our locations.* The loyalty points (1 point = 1 dollar in store credit) continue to accrue in your loyalty account until you use them.   Diamond studs earn 1.5%.

*The Loyalty Program can be altered or eliminated without notice. Loyalty points are restricted on bridal purchases, custom projects , large color gemstone rings and larger diamonds.  Not combinable with any other offer.  Maximum you can earn on a transaction is 1,000 loyalty points.


Q: When Do I Start Acquiring Points?

Any non-bridal purchase made from November 1, 2013 on is counted towards your loyalty points balance.

Q: How are points accrued

A: Points are accrued automatically at the time of a purchase. Points do not accrue on special orders or layaways until the item is paid in full. Bridal related purchases are not eligible for the loyalty points program.

Q: How Can I Check My Points Balance?

We send out a loyalty point balance email but you can always call or email us.

Q: Can I Use My Loyalty Points Online?

Currently we are not able to apply them to your online shopping cart but we will still honor them. Simply make the purchase and in the comments section, note the loyalty value you would like redeemed and upon verification, that amount will be refunded to you.

Q: When Do My Loyalty Points Expire?

Your Von Bargen’s Loyalty Points do expire after 5 years and can be applied to any non-bridal purchases.

Q: Can I Transfer My Loyalty Points?

Not at this time.

Q: Can I Use My Loyalty Points Towards Services?

Yes. Loyalty points can be applied to any of our jeweler services.

Q: Can I Apply My Points to a Previous Purchase?

No, loyalty points are applicable on future purchases only.

Q: Can I cash in my loyalty points for money?

No, loyalty points are only redeemable on future purchases at VBJ.

Q: Can I Earn Points from Past Purchases?

Any non-bridal related purchase made from November 1, 2013 has been counted towards your points balance. Any purchases made before November 1, 2013 are not included in this program.

Q: How Can I Earn Double Loyalty Points?

Yes, purchases made at some special events will receive double points.