Why VBJ?

The Von Bargen’s Mission Statement creates a company culture that is truly unique and naturally in tune with the current climate. For our socially conscious clients who are looking beyond just price or even just product for something more meaningful, Von Bargen’s offers them the opportunity to positively impact the world through their purchase.

At the core, our mission is founded on the business philosophy that by doing “good” we will do well, that one not focus on the bottom line to have a healthy bottom line, but instead, that by focusing our attention on our employees, our clients, our communities and our world, we will make choices that will result in business success.

Our first and most essential responsibility is to attract and cultivate employees who are equally aware of and motivated to achieve their personal goals and their professional goals. A successful person makes for a successful employee. An engaged, achievement oriented person who has personal priorities will bring that same focus and drive to their professional development. We encourage and believe in balance.

Naturally, this creates a happy, fulfilled team that is genuinely excited to come to work. Together, we make it our mission: to attract and sustain best clients by providing them with an exceptional, personalized shopping experience. Our team is not commission based and are taught that the relationship with the client is always more important than a single sale. As a result, they build personal, authentic connections with clients that allow them to understand their clients better and provide appropriate, tailored, friend-ly guidance. It’s our people and their truly personalized sales approach that give us an edge over competitors.

The initial reason for a client’s relationship with Von Bargen’s is the desire for and purchase of fine jewelry. At a time when we and our clients are becoming increasingly socially aware, it is appropriate that our jewelry selection fit our client’s lifestyle and social philosophy. We are conscientious and thoughtful about our jewelry selections so that our clients can feel good about purchasing from us and we can feel that our work is meaningful. We sell diamonds that are conflict free. We use reclaimed metal in our studio. We partner and build close relationships with true jewelry artisans who are similarly minded. Our artisans are small family businesses like our own who encourage and respect their employees. They are committed to providing fine quality and artistic beauty and doing so in a way that enhances the world.

Nobody is perfect and we know we certainly are not. Our Mission is always a work in progress. We are always looking to improve. But we do believe that our success is a result of our thoughtful approach to business. Our clients are loyal and supportive because we know them personally, seek to understand them, feel like they do a sense of social responsibility, and of course because we offer the finest diamonds and artisan jewelry.